FAQ for Businesses

What is Tay?

  • Tay is a digital payments service for service-based businesses to get paid quickly, conveniently, and safely. Customers view the requests and pay using their smartphones with full security and privacy.

Is Tay for businesses or individuals?

  • Tay is designed as a service for businesses to get paid by individuals or other businesses. Tay is open loop, which means any individual or business can pay using Tay. However, only pre-approved service-based businesses can request payments.

What type of businesses can use Tay?

  • Any service-based business who is enrolled with Tay and has undergone our verification process can request payments using Tay.

How can I sign-up to use Tay?

  • Tay is currently available for a limited set of businesses under our Early Access Program (EAP). If you are interested in joining our EAP, please contact us at customersuccess@taynow.com.

Is there a fee to sign up?

  • No. There’s no set up fee for signing up with Tay. You just create a business account and create a profile for verification purposes.

Do I have to maintain a website or buy any card swiping equipment?

  • No. Tay costs absolutely nothing to get started – there’s no website to maintain, no equipment to buy or train on. You can keep doing the busines the way you are doing today and start using Tay in parallel.

Are there any fees for using Tay?

  • Tay does not charge any fees for making a payment. Businesses pre-enrolled with Tay, pay a small fee for using our services. If you a service-based business interested in using our service, please contact us at customersuccess@taynow.com.

Can I request or receive money using Tay?

  • You can if you are a business. Tay is not a person-to-person payment service. Only pre-enrolled, verified businesses can request payments using Tay.

Can my customers cancel a payment?

  • No. All payments made via Tay follow the principles of real-time payments using technologies and protocols applicable to transfer money from one bank account to another. Please make sure that your customers validate the details of the payment request including the name of your business, amount, and other details before authorizing the payment.

How do you take care of security?

  • Tay follows rigorous authentication and monitoring protocols to maintain end to end security. We never share or display any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in any of our interfaces. We use rigorous encryption and transport security protocols for protecting all of our data, at rest and in transit.

How do you prevent fraud?

  • We take extreme steps to prevent any type of fraud. Tay operates on an explicitly permission-based model. Tay will never directly request any payments from anyone . Only pre-approved and verified businesses can request payments using our platform. Every payment, however small or big must be explicitly authorized by the customer.

How do you take care of privacy?

  • Tay is designed to be a Business to Business(B2B), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which means all of your data, all of your transactions remain private to you. We do not collect, anonymize, or sell any data.

How do I contact Tay?

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